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  • Committed [4e0014]

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'sourceforge/padud...

  • Committed [88404e]

    Rename phdl_assert -> dynamic_assert to make mo...

  • Committed [b5d96b]

    Mention NFKC_Casefold in the enforcement of cas...

  • Committed [4480f2]

    Add split dynamic_assert version

  • Committed [55695d]

    Note that we need our build system to build mul...

  • Committed [3875cc]

    Messing with normalization

  • Committed [fa8c57]

    More todos

  • Committed [c23528]

    Test updates

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2000-06-07 19:13:18


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  • Project Logo PHDL An HDL alternative to PCB graphical schematic capture tools. Last Updated:


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