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  • Committed [r54042]

    Add indicators that tell the level of accuracy.

  • Committed [r53520]

    Fix some error handling stuff + rm trash file

  • Committed [r53518]

    Seperate normalization of corpus from testing c...

  • Committed [r53315]

    Force yaml to use block style; much easier to edit

  • Committed [r53313]

    Update such that tests up to 20000 lines chosen...

  • Committed [r52993]

    Rename to to follow na...

  • Committed [r52992]

    Add `lang-identify` and `lang-test`.

  • Posted a comment on ticket #2 on Apertium: machine translation toolbox

    I've began work on a language detection system that uses n-gram models. The repository...

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