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  • Committed [r2223]

    Added a couple of changes that were forgotten i...

  • Committed [r2222]

    Made it possible to make a Board that does not ...

  • Committed [r2178]

    Load the Qt resource file associated with the b...

  • Created ticket #46 on cx_Freeze

    cx_Freeze doesn't work with exotic version schemes

  • Committed [r2153]

    Use the ° symbol for degrees when translations ...

  • Committed [r2148]

    Use the board's "windowTitle" property as the d...

  • Committed [r2096]

    Made MainWindow::slotPilototo part of the publi...

  • Committed [r2092]

    Moved the appFolder variable to settings.cpp to...

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2000-11-23 14:36:30


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