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  • Modified ticket #1089 on TripleA

    China AI Issue?

  • Posted a comment on ticket #9368 on Forge

    I and another user received this error many times. Myself over 10 times. It seems...

  • Committed [r4291]

    * Bug fixes on unit casualty sorters, and switc...

  • Committed [r4290]

    forgot about unit tests (veqryn)

  • Committed [r4289]

    moving changes for dice roll stuff over to main...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #1091 on TripleA

    I was able to complete the attack. Can you tell me what units you are moving into...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #1091 on TripleA

    Can you upload the savegame please?

  • Created ticket #9368 on Forge

    Keep getting an svn commit error for one file upload, but not for others

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