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  • Modified a comment on ticket #440 on VStar

    This was with Java 1.7.0_55 on Windows. Another Windows (7 or 8) user reported t...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #458 on VStar

    Looking at the code, I don't think this has anything to do with the new auth API....

  • Posted a comment on ticket #458 on VStar

    Here's the authentication code:

  • Created ticket #459 on VStar

    AAVSO download format files with > 23 columns not loading

  • Created ticket #458 on VStar

    Authentication error post 2.16.2

  • Created ticket #457 on VStar

    Commas in numbers when decimal point expected

  • Posted a comment on ticket #456 on VStar

    See also

  • Created ticket #456 on VStar

    Plug-ins: HJD

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