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  • Modified ticket #187 on GATE

    CorpusQA shows wrong macro averages in summary page

  • Posted a comment on ticket #187 on GATE

    The two macro averages are averages over different elements: in the corpus statistics...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #189 on GATE

    This GATE plugin currently only supports OWL Horst inference (similar to OWL Lite)...

  • Created ticket #196 on GATE

    Improve how urls to resources get stored in a pipeline file

  • Committed [r18687]

    Add a few of the more visible chenges to the ch...

  • Committed [r18602]

    Add Utils methods for removing/adding/intersect...

  • Committed [r18597]

    Make sure that the ImmutableAnnotationSet retur...

  • Committed [r18584]

    Prevent NPE, shortcut return.

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