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  • Posted a comment on ticket #231 on UltraStar Deluxe

    I went through the 2 log files and did not find any obvious flaw. 2 ideas: 1) The...

  • Committed [r3107]

    Fix timeline for songs with no start_time maste...

  • Committed [r3106]

    use correct variable in time line. Thanks to ru...

  • Committed [r3105]

    Fix PCRE on linux and macosx. The soname of lib...

  • Committed [r3104]

    Use AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR. This way autoconf does...

  • Committed [r3103]

    Remove unused variables and fix warnings with i...

  • Committed [r3102]

    IPath.Equals(): dont convert paths unnecessaril...

  • Committed [r3101]

    Remove unused function LoadTexture() with param...

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