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  • Created ticket #4532 on Webmin

    Invalid links in Usermin session list

  • Committed [r106]

    Fixed error in "opacity" function (patch from M...

  • Committed [r105]

    Fixed some build errors/warnings in Clang (patc...

  • Committed [r104]

    Switched implementation of sRGB conversion from...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #4488 on Webmin

    Thanks Jamie!

  • Posted a comment on discussion Webmin on Webmin

    Submitted as bug 4488.

  • Created ticket #4488 on Webmin

    Read User Mail module shows incorrect size for Maildir folders

  • Posted a comment on discussion Webmin on Webmin

    This is still a problem in Webmin 1.710. I recently switched to Dovecot and migrated...

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