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  • Committed [19ee49]

    Initial check-in of the Opera Hotlist plugin.

  • Committed [25e0cb]

    Fix: statusbar() command falsely claimed to req...

  • Committed [95bb9a]

    Initial check-in of the Layered Windows plugin.

  • Committed [30c7ff]

    Feature: Allow multiple history() entries in Me...

  • Committed [64b4ae]

    Bug #104: History doesn't show URL anywhere. (b...

  • Committed [980f1f]

    Adds conditional expressions of the form "b ? e...

  • Committed [6bbe7a]

    Fix to bring back the tooltips and to correct a...

  • Committed [c72daf]

    Preparing the layers plugin for configurable ri...

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