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  • Committed [4d2c49]

    quick fix for work: interpolation no longer req...

  • Committed [6a736b]

    Task 48: added some convenience functions for s...

  • Committed [86be82]

    Task 48: added a tensor function for the interp...

  • Committed [13acc0]

    Added an interpolation class to encapsulate the...

  • Committed [3504ce]

    Review of Andreas' latest changes

  • Committed [ceb9fb]

    Review of task 299 (recreating configuration room)

  • Committed [62bd8f]

    Final review of task 49:

  • Committed [c708a0]

    Further review of task 49

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2000-11-25 20:27:01


  • Project Logo FreeLords Turn-based strategy game Last Updated:
  • Project Logo MCTDHTools A library to easily analyse output of the Heidelberg MCTDH code Last Updated:
  • Project Logo TrajLab MATLAB based programs for trajectory simulations of molecules Last Updated:
  • Project Logo WavePacket Simulations in quantum dynamics Last Updated:


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