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  • Committed [02c41b]

    Merging latest changes to propagators into master

  • Committed [e9a959]

    Task 49: Review

  • Committed [63332d]

    Task 54: implemented Andreas' suggested changes

  • Committed [bb7c35]

    Task 54: updated remaining exceptions

  • Committed [a364ac]

    updated InvalidValueException to take multiple ...

  • Committed [90ffdd]

    Merged branches 'master' and task54

  • Committed [9a2beb]

    Fixed a case where brace-initialization fails.

  • Committed [661624]

    Merged in changes to propagation so far (task 49)

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2000-11-25 20:27:01


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  • Project Logo TrajLab MATLAB based programs for trajectory simulations of molecules Last Updated:
  • Project Logo WavePacket Simulations in quantum dynamics Last Updated:


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