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  • Committed [107a0e]

    removed libusb0 relicts

  • Committed [0ea833]

    DS2409 manpage fixes.

  • Committed [5de5bb]

    Added DS2409 explicit branch selection.

  • Committed [db9154]

    Fix reading of DS2409 sensed, event and branch ...

  • Committed [abd30a]

    DS2409 style fixes

  • Posted a comment on discussion General Discussion on jkaptive

    I think you've downloaded the source tarball? You have to $ make $ sudo make install...

  • Committed [44de15]

    Add warning when DEBUG MODE is selected in conf...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #25 on owfs and owhttpd

    First, if owserver stops responding and you are using the DS9490, that could be due...

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