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  • Committed [r754]

    Lots added to the TODO-list.

  • Committed [r753]

    Revert accidential commit

  • Committed [r752]

    ## Lines starting with '## ' will be removed fr...

  • Committed [r751]

    Enumerate subpackages and import all modules fr...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #136 on py2exe

    The problem with ValueError: xxx.__loader__ is None is the following: py2exe's modulefinder...

  • Committed [r750]

    Copy to - will become a modulefi...

  • Committed [r749]

    Print a meaningful error message when the build...

  • Modified a comment on ticket #137 on py2exe

    I think I found the problem. Can you please try if following patch works for you:...

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