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  • Committed [r766]

    * nlisttree/NListtree.c: applied patch kindly p...

  • Committed [r317]

    * src/scanpo.c: it is necessary to calculate th...

  • Committed [r316]

    * scanpo.c, utils.c: respect UTF8 encoded strin...

  • Committed [r765]

    * nlistview_mcc/NListview.c: unpush any still p...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #14 on FlexCat

    This would be a very bad idea. First of all this would the AmigaOS4 build to create...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #14 on FlexCat

    Please point me to where FlexCat uses native language names instead of english ones...

  • Committed [r764]

    * all: regenerated all dependencies.

  • Committed [r763]

    * nbitmap_mcc/NBitmap.c: fixed some warnings ab...

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