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  • Committed [7336af]

    * Fix crash in clustering due to wrong vectorMu...

  • Committed [d0aff6]

    * Enable automatic unit test for misc functions

  • Committed [31acea]

    * Fix clusterID when using unranged data in clu...

  • Committed [4fef9a]

    * Add unranged retainment for clustering

  • Committed [df3101]

    * Fix crash when printing stats with unranged data

  • Committed [481a23]

    * Add per-range composition breakdown

  • Committed [0164e7]

    * Add "offset", to allow m/c to be shifted from...

  • Committed [89a30b]

    * Import cygwin build patch

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2008-01-11 23:49:28


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