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  • Committed [350a9d]

    New rawstring printing option

  • Committed [8d0619]

    Mark version for release

  • Committed [864e61]

    Fix crash due to missing upvalue name in some c...

  • Posted a comment on discussion General Discussion on unluac

    I've added a new version of unluac (unluac_2015_03_10.jar) that will fix this crash...

  • Committed [46187f]

    Variable finder will mark registers used as upv...

  • Committed [dff860]

    When debugging info is stripped, propegate reus...

  • Committed [ff487f]

    Fixed heuristic for stripped chunks. (The Varia...

  • Committed [38a6d7]

    In stripped chunks, local names are propagated ...

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