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  • Committed [63c31b]

    Fix issue 2550848: HTML attachments should not ...

  • Created ticket #1222 on 7-Zip

    Add online help page to the site

  • Posted a comment on discussion VirtuaWin questions on VirtuaWin - Multiple virtual desktops

    +1 on this feature. It would be very convenient to switch keyboard/mouse to second...

  • Committed [c69ead]

    website/issues css: Get space between issue lis...

  • Committed [4e7208]

    Update web site instruction to restore web pres...

  • Committed [2d8362]

    Synchronize conf.py between doc/ and website/www/

  • Committed [1d3205]

    doc: Move roundup-1.png to html_extra

  • Committed [29caa1]

    doc: Fix broken logo images in original_overvie...

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