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  • Committed [c3e3ed]

    Plug a memory leak.

  • Committed [f0dc99]

    Handle c99 inline vs gnu89 inline.

  • Committed [c71ecc]

    Remove MAX_THREADS.

  • Committed [8b9f51]

    Correct a spelling mistake.

  • Committed [331b05]

    Fix an inappropriate reuse of a variable.

  • Committed [d1f137]

    Increase number of supported joystick buttons.

  • Posted a comment on ticket #288 on QuakeForge

    Why not just get the latest git version? Many more bug fixes and some nice new features....

  • Posted a comment on ticket #288 on QuakeForge

    I believe this is fixed in git. A patch for fixing emit_ivars is the first patch...

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