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bin 2002-09-24 mikeclarkson mikeclarkson [9a6b61] Untested improvements to Inno script
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lib 2002-09-22 mikeclarkson mikeclarkson [067976] Added tcllib files for asnyc DNS in lib
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Makefile.am 2004-04-28 amundson amundson [9fb94a] Include bin/xmaxima.iss.
Readme.txt 2002-09-22 mikeclarkson mikeclarkson [2496bc] Added EMaxima documentation in tex

Read Me

# -*-mode: text; fill-column: 75; tab-width: 8; coding: iso-latin-1-unix -*-
#	$Id: Readme.txt,v 1.1 2002-09-22 03:16:20 mikeclarkson Exp $

This directory contains software for interfaces to Maxima:

	Interface for running Maxima with Emacs.


		An interface for running Maxima under Emacs.
		Please send suggestions, bug reports to <belanger@truman.edu>. 
		The latest version of this package should be available at


	A GUI interface for Maxima using Tk/Tcl.


	Library files that may be required for any of the interfaces.


		Library files that may be required for xmaxima.
		The latest version of these file should be available at


	LaTex source files that describe any of the interfaces.