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  • Committed [6691c5]

    WIP First try of an iPad version

  • Committed [35c2a2]

    re-added XCode project for non-retina builds

  • Committed [bff340]

    Commit July 2013 WHATSNEW.TXT Ideas for prepari...

  • Committed [cc3f37]

    WIP iPad version / Savepoint before starting th...

  • Committed [65f118]

    C++11 compilers only: new multi-threaded CPU re...

  • Committed [ce61bb]

    Added tag V1.2 for changeset 67f4ce1e2789

  • Committed [b9d4b8]

    updated help image for release v1.2

  • Committed [42b36a]

    Added tag V1.2 for changeset c9a30679cece

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