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  • Committed [643d5b]

    Enhanced checking of XMLTV files

  • Committed [c9d196]

    Added some missing semicolons

  • Committed [5eed7b]

    Fixed issue if an arrow got clicked too early

  • Committed [b8a733]

    Fixed missing indention/indentation commands

  • Committed [8377ae]

    Fixed passing data on a failed request

  • Committed [310089]

    Fixed using wrong type of object

  • Committed [7e270b]

    Fixed entity characters being displayed on some...

  • Committed [cf4d64]

    Fixed converting strings to xml

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2008-02-19 18:08:19


  • Project Logo libnetif Parses /etc/network/interfaces and manages its objects. Last Updated:
  • Project Logo rtail Shows the last lines of a remote file. Last Updated:
  • Project Logo tvoip tvoip - a programmable online television. Last Updated:
  • Project Logo xprofile A profile manager for different driver configurations. Last Updated:


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