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  • Posted a comment on discussion General Discussion on Ur-Quan Masters HD

    Hi, José! As you might know, I'm the programmer guy of UQM-HD. I have been actually...

  • Committed [0adba1]

    Some retouches on the submenu graphics and Shof...

  • Committed [c81d5d]

    Slight typo and comma fixes to Orz and Pkunk in...

  • Committed [026022]

    More honing on talking pet dialogue in Finnish.

  • Committed [b3a1da]

    Proofread talking pet dialogue in Finnish.

  • Committed [727317]

    Corrected a missing captain's sentence from Pku...

  • Committed [f4fb58]

    Added most of the translated graphics into the ...

  • Committed [68227b]

    Proofread Shofixti and Slylandro in Finnish.

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