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  • Committed [r1418]

    ActionsEditor: Replace context by description i...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #22 on Canorus

    I assigned it to Stefan as he originally created the extremely useful CLI console....

  • Created ticket #22 on Canorus

    CLI no longer works with Python 3.0

  • Committed [r1417]

    Rename getCommand to getCommandName

  • Posted a comment on a blog post on Canorus

    Please note that Canorus does not support CMake 3.x and SWIG 3.x. We know from one...

  • Created ticket #22 on Canorus

    Support SWIG 3.x

  • Created ticket #21 on Canorus

    Support CMake 3.x

  • Committed [r1415]

    Updated to reflect incompatible CMake and poten...

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