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    Hi Camiel. In any case, the Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit is experimental. So please use the...

  • Committed [r3599]

    Set device to /dev/sranger_mk2_0 instead of /de...

  • Committed [r3598]

    Last modifications because of MK2 bug

  • Posted a comment on ticket #142 on GXSM

    Dear Flavio. Please try the following to install version 1.50.1 on your Ubuntu 12.04....

  • Posted a comment on ticket #142 on GXSM

    Hi Percy, hi Flavio. I checked with my System - Ubuntu 14.04 32Bit in live mode and...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #142 on GXSM

    Please try the updated Ubuntu packages. There had been updates related to the MK2...

  • Committed [r3596]

    make two control files for different ubuntu dis...

  • Committed [r3595]

    Update to Ubuntu 14.04 release 3.0.2-0ubuntu1

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