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  • Committed [r26527]

    Patch from Dani Soufi:

  • Committed [r26526]

    Fix buffer sizes.

  • Committed [r26525]

    Fix broken build due to changes on the svn 1.9....

  • Committed [r26524]

    Fix an assertion introduced in r26468

  • Committed [r26523]

    Don't create the tooltips as topmost, and don't...

  • Modified ticket #424 on grepwin

    Won't properly search some files due to content

  • Posted a comment on ticket #424 on grepwin

    This is not really a valid text file. So grepWin treats it as a binary file. And...

  • Committed [r26519]

    Enable the "Checkout" context menu entry for wo...

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2002-02-22 15:05:10
Altstätten / Switzerland / CEST


  • Project Logo TortoiseSVN An Apache SVN client, implemented as a Windows shell extension Last Updated:
  • Project Logo bowpad A simple text editor with a ribbon UI Last Updated:
  • Project Logo commitmonitor Monitor your SVN repositories and notifies you on new commits Last Updated:
  • Project Logo cryptsync A folder sync tool with encryption Last Updated:
  • Project Logo demohelper   Last Updated:


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