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  • Committed [63f5bc]

    New routing/redirection mechanism

  • Committed [e969d5]

    New button to show previous lines of file

  • Committed [2b4a7c]

    Replacing key modifier CTRL with a platform ind...

  • Committed [019a77]

    Creating a new class around Tail named TailNoti...

  • Committed [bf8b06]

    Working on a better Tail with the ability of re...

  • Committed [71e1bc]

    A NSIS script was added to create the installer...

  • Committed [f58054]

    Removed superfluous conversions no required tha...

  • Modified ticket #17 on MadCommander

    Tab without any name when go to root of drive

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Personal Data

2001-04-29 06:14:35
Britain (UK) / GMT
Web Site:
  1. http://www.santiagolizardo.com


  • Project Logo Fastuc Hacklang framework Hacklang library that can work as MVC framework and much more. Last Updated:
  • Project Logo Jerba CMS for Google App Engine A CMS that runs on top of Google App Engine Last Updated:
  • Project Logo Kangaroo Object oriented lib for C++ which eases multimedia & game development Last Updated:
  • Project Logo MadCommander Filesystem browser with lots of features to work more efficiently Last Updated:
  • Project Logo OpenGL extension for PHP   Last Updated:


  • C++
  • Java
  • PHP

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