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  • Committed [26f440]

    Added PF support to DenyHost. This allows DenyH...

  • Committed [6a38d7]

    DenyHost can now filter incoming connections on...

  • Committed [55bc00]

    Added IPTABLES option which allows us to block ...

  • Committed [8fb624]

    Applied patches from SourceForge, giving us the...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #9 on DenyHosts

    It does not look as though the server[1] used in this patch is still operating. Can...

  • Committed [r4]

    Added -s --signal flag which allows the user to...

  • Committed [0485b1]

    Applied Debian and FreeBSD patches. Fixed repor...

  • Committed [d7400b]

    Initial commit of DenyHost

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