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  • Committed [r4609]

    [Fix] Amiga Frequency Limits checkbox was enabl...

  • Committed [r4607]

    [Imp] Amiga limits can now also be enforced for...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #73 on Sqrat

    Seems to be fixed indeed. Thanks a lot!

  • Committed [r4606]

    [Mod] Also set sample path when batch-saving sa...

  • Committed [r4605]

    [New] Added treeview context menu options to re...

  • Committed [r4604]

    [Fix] VST: Regularly send effEditIdle to plugin...

  • Committed [r4603]

    [Fix] Sample tab: No longer crash when silencin...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #73 on Sqrat

    Sadly, it seems like the latest commit doesn't change this. Detected memory leaks!...

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