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  • Created ticket #146 on LabTrove

    some pages in a private notebook are public

  • Committed [r746]

    fixed bug where extra text within stoichiometry...

  • Committed [r741]

    Try to fix the phantom stoichiometry table crea...

  • Committed [r738]

    try again to fix bug where editing an existing ...

  • Committed [r735]

    Fixed bug which was causing phantom tables when...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #137 on LabTrove

    Hello Tim, I've looked into this and see that yes you're right - it is to do with...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #137 on LabTrove

    I tracked down the bug with the "Insert info from ChemSpider" widget (it only showed...

  • Committed [r725]

    fixed bug with selecting compound to insert che...

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