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  • Committed [33dcaa]

    All new test cases have been ported, but bugs o...

  • Committed [3b73a7]

    A lot of bug fixes. JDistlib still fails the in...

  • Committed [87578b]

    Syncing with R-devel April 24, 2015. NonCentral...

  • Created ticket #23 on JDistlib

    Monitor bug #16332 regarding pbeta

  • Modified ticket #17 on JDistlib

    Watch Bug #15755 regarding qbeta

  • Posted a comment on ticket #17 on JDistlib

    It was a valid bug. It is fixed. The fix has been incorporated to the next release...

  • Committed [7ce8dd]

    Fix for bug #22. Use Double.isInfinite instead ...

  • Modified ticket #22 on JDistlib

    Use of Java 1.8 api

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