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  • Committed [194ec4]

    Sync with R-3.2.0 development branch. Pending t...

  • Committed [e708e3]

    Resync to R-3.1.3, more coming at R-Devel 3.2.x

  • Committed [ad64ee]

    Removed warnings.

  • Committed [aba49f]

    Refactor ApproximationFunction to allow static ...

  • Committed [941f5b]

    Added Hartigans' diptest from R's diptest packa...

  • Modified ticket #21 on JDistlib

    Recheck for bug #20

  • Posted a comment on ticket #21 on JDistlib

    Ah, I am glad you sorted it out on your end. I'm closing this bug. Thanks!

  • Posted a comment on ticket #18 on JDistlib

    The bug fix I made for version 0.3.6 was erroneous. Please download version 0.3.8...

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