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  • Committed [560f9a]

    Add Kahan summation algorithm.

  • Committed [1898fd]

    Tentative bugfix for PR#15755

  • Committed [778df1]

    Synced with R-devel_2014-04-29 (undoing R-patched)

  • Committed [e4d87d]

    Synced with R-patched_2014-04-29_r65515

  • Posted a comment on ticket #17 on JDistlib

    Looks like that it is a duplicate of bug #15641. Beta.quantile(0.6948886, 0.06272788,...

  • Created ticket #17 on JDistlib

    Watch Bug #15755 regarding qbeta

  • Posted a comment on discussion General Discussion on JDistlib

    Thanks, Schalk. I've made an account on Bintray: I have...

  • Committed [b21970]

    Merged Bintray / Gradle build system, courtesy ...

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