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  • Committed [73731b]

    frontend/plotting/plotit.c, cleanup, reduce sco...

  • Committed [a4c7df]

    frontend/define.c, rewrite `struct udfunc' inse...

  • Posted a comment on discussion Help on ngspice

    Hello, please have a look at where this...

  • Posted a comment on discussion ngspice-users on ngspice

    > PS: There seems to be in a bug in NGSPICE-26 that prevents a TSTEP of > 10fs (a...

  • Committed [192eea]

    remove crufty comments which where used to supp...

  • Committed [a5f933]

    frontend/parse.c, bug fix, PPlex(.."dc1.@m1[vth...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #313 on ngspice

    Hello Anil, There was a commit in the past which seems to have broken the capability...

  • Modified ticket #312 on ngspice

    "bex" parameter in pjf model

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