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Rick Copeland

Rick Copeland is the principal consultant and founder at Arborian Consulting, bringing twenty years of experience in software development to his clients. In the past, he has applied expertise in the Python programming language to projects including application development, embedded programming, and compiler development. Most recently, Rick worked as a Lead Software Engineer at Geeknet, where he helped to rewrite SourceForge development tools using Python alongside a popular NoSQL database, MongoDB. The end result of this project was Allura, an open-source platform for SourceForge development based on a document-oriented database model.

Prior to joining SourceForge, Rick spent several years as a Senior Software engineer at Predictix, building Python-based applications for apparel retailers, event management, and order processing. Rick has held engineering positions with Assurant Solutions, Proceler, Lucent/StarCore, and the Georgia Institute of Technology. He earned a MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering and a BS in Computer Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, as well as a BS in Computer Science from Eckerd University.

You can find Rick on Twitter at @rick446, or his blog at Just a Little Python.


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