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  • Posted a comment on ticket #1664 on HtmlUnit

    Hi James, have checked in a first version of my fix. Can you please check if this...

  • Modified ticket #1664 on HtmlUnit

    Setting a select option does not update the associated attributes

  • Committed [r9926]

    fix for #1664

  • Committed [r9925]

    some testcases for #1664 added

  • Posted a comment on ticket #1664 on HtmlUnit

    Sorry, for the long delay. I already started to integrate your path. But by doing...

  • Committed [r9916]

    sorry Ahmed, but i had to revert your fix 'Java...

  • Committed [r9915]

    code style fix

  • Modified ticket #1663 on HtmlUnit

    js engine cann't parse javascript file

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