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  • Committed [r52]

    depreciate point command abbreviation p, use pt...

  • Committed [r51]

    add movepolar, linepolar and geom.polar commands.

  • Committed [r50]

    add rod and fillrod commands. Add command short...

  • Modified a comment on discussion General Discussion on Drawj2d

    Drawj2d 0.6.2 released

  • Created a blog post on Drawj2d

    Drawj2d 0.6.2 released

  • Committed [r49]

    Tagging the release 0.6.2

  • Committed [r48]

    doc/ New commands of version 0.6.2 added to doc

  • Committed [r47]

    add geom.tox/y commands

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2003-09-04 19:35:30


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