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  • Modified ticket #418 on DOSBox

    Bob the Hamster VGA crashes in Dosbox 0.74 (worked fine in 0.73 and other versions)

  • Posted a comment on ticket #418 on DOSBox

    This should have been fixed in the current code.

  • Committed [r3925]

    Ignore/remove single % in batchfiles. (Fixes B1...

  • Committed [r3924]

    Some more changes by Jochen

  • Committed [r3923]

    Bring OS2 port up to date. Thanks Jochen

  • Committed [r3922]

    Enable SETMODE_SAVES_CLEAR for now. Fix compila...

  • Committed [r3921]

    and a few more.

  • Committed [r3920]

    some stl implementations fake the interators...

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