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  • Committed [r302]

    Simplified string representation of Forward, to...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #83 on Python parsing module

    For Python 2, there is already a pyparsing workaround, called _ustr() - can you try...

  • Committed [r301]

    Tag for release

  • Committed [r300]

    Forgot to add new unit test to main test suite

  • Committed [r299]

    Fix bug in Each when containing an Optional tha...

  • Committed [r298]

    Fixed a bug in Or, when a parse action on an al...

  • Committed [r297]

    Fixed bug (introduced in 2.0.4) in dump where t...

  • Committed [r296]

    Fixed bug in Each with multiple Optionals; adde...

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