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Scintilla - Scintilla VS Log

Commit Date  
[845df8] (18.8 kB) by Neil Neil

Bug [#1506]. In some locales Visual C++ fails with UTF-8 in string literals.
Fixed by using hex escapes for non-ASCII.

2013-07-31 23:40:57 View
[e9ada2] (14.6 kB) by Neil Neil

Fix out-of-bounds access for characters after end of set.

2013-07-15 06:29:56 View
[abbe13] (14.6 kB) by nyamatongwe nyamatongwe

Add namespace so builds on OS X.

2013-07-11 01:22:52 View
[8235df] (14.5 kB) by Neil Neil

Include case conversion data in Scintilla so that all platforms will perform
case conversion of Unicode text in accordance with Unicode.

2013-07-11 00:43:40 View