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  • Committed [b03da9]

    Command processor IO connection can be wrapped ...

  • Committed [95c86e]

    sysless USB: copy of LPC (40xx, 17xx, 2148) sou...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #2188 on Small Device C Compiler suite

    Because next SDCC release is approaching I have checked state of the bug. SDCC is...

  • Committed [70c220]

    MTD SPI Flash: erase operations and corrections...

  • Committed [ac5f16]

    uLUt library update to latest version.

  • Committed [93c60e]

    Initial version of MTD library with SPI Flash s...

  • Committed [27b827]

    LPC SSP SPI: enable to modify bit-rate and enab...

  • Committed [be75f4]

    uLUt: add constant modifier to key pointer for ...

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