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  • Committed [275816]

    removed debug code accidentally left in from la...

  • Committed [48a3b5]

    Removed exit() calls from wxPLViewer

  • Committed [5e74b6]

    Modification to previous wxPLViewer optimisation

  • Committed [3c4fac]

    Style previous commits

  • Committed [0a13b1]

    Optimisation of wxPLViewer

  • Committed [2476c0]

    Changed the way fonts are passed to wxPLViewer ...

  • Committed [9c43f6]

    Optimisation for the wxWidgets driver - finding...

  • Committed [aeac20]

    Optimisation of wxPLViewer to speed up plotting

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2009-04-16 19:29:27


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