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File Date Author Commit
ForgeDiscussion 2010-05-18 Jenny Steele Jenny Steele [6462aa] [#361] Edit post is now inline
ForgeGit 2010-05-13 Robin Luckey Robin Luckey [091135] Run git-init with the --quiet flag
ForgeHg 2010-05-12 Rick Copeland Rick Copeland [af19e8] Do NOT load .hgrc
ForgeMail 2010-04-27 Jenny Steele Jenny Steele [795bba] [#286] Plugins renamed to tools
ForgeSVN 2010-05-10 Jenny Steele Jenny Steele [a16a05] [#281] Updates to permissions
ForgeTracker 2010-05-18 Jenny Steele Jenny Steele [8b3098] [#196] Users of a project are now only those wi...
ForgeWiki 2010-05-18 Wolf Wolf [f65706] [#347] feedback and automatic retry for form su...
HelloForge 2010-05-17 Jenny Steele Jenny Steele [b6a8b7] [#380] Moved static files to /nf so they don't ...
NoWarnings 2010-02-17 Wolf Wolf [8fb7a8] FORGE-253: Add a nose plugin to squelch warnings
pyforge 2010-05-18 Rick Copeland Rick Copeland [41c477] Fix problem where webheads just weren't sending...
solr_config 2010-03-23 Rick Copeland Rick Copeland [01d9bf] [#118] - Testing infrastructure upgrades
twill-tests 2010-05-17 Wolf Wolf [5a53f2] A handful of broad-spectrum site tests
.gitignore 2010-04-26 Wolf Wolf [903515] remove ForgeSCM in favor of individual plugins ...
.gitmodules 2009-12-01 Wolf Wolf [e4830b] Remove Ming submodule
INSTALLING.EC2 2010-01-26 Mark Ramm Mark Ramm [aab6f3] small documenation tweeks
RUNNING 2010-01-26 Mark Ramm Mark Ramm [aab6f3] small documenation tweeks
rebuild.bash 2010-05-13 Gary Bernhardt Gary Bernhardt [d80ce9] Add ForgeSVN to rebuild.bash
run_tests 2010-05-13 Robin Luckey Robin Luckey [cd3bad] ./run_tests: Don't rm .test-data dir, it doesn'...
schema.xml 2010-02-12 Jenny Steele Jenny Steele [69d856] Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
setup-common.bash 2010-03-23 Robin Luckey Robin Luckey [fba320] Add ForgeGit to setup-common.bash
setup-demo.bash 2010-02-12 Jonathan T. Beard Jonathan T. Beard [4fa34f] FORGE-305: demo box setup
setup-local.bash 2009-12-30 Wolf Wolf [2bb238] Prepare for new forge-5.3 sandbox template
setup-sandbox.bash 2010-02-17 Wolf Wolf [b2ab7a] sandbox "upgrade" -- now hand install python-devel
start-sandbox.bash 2010-04-26 Wolf Wolf [0086bc] new startup sequence requires flyway and reindex