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Commit [075144] Maximize Restore History

[#1560] Favor thread flags while ordering threads.

Sort threads first by flags desc, then by date desc. Flag values also
appear to be sorted in decsending order, so Sticky sorts before Announcement.
That gives following exact semantics for flags:

Sticky - sort at the top of the thread list.
Announcement - show this thread in the header of each forum page.

So, if you want an Announcement to sort at the top of thread list,
make it also Sticky. Seems nice and logical.

Signed-off-by: Paul Sokolovsky <psokolovsky@geek.net>

Paul Sokolovsky Paul Sokolovsky 2011-02-24

Jenny Steele Jenny Steele 2011-03-22

changed ForgeDiscussion
changed ForgeDiscussion/forgediscussion
changed ForgeDiscussion/forgediscussion/controllers
changed ForgeDiscussion/forgediscussion/controllers/forum.py
changed ForgeDiscussion/forgediscussion/model
changed ForgeDiscussion/forgediscussion/model/forum.py
ForgeDiscussion/forgediscussion/controllers/forum.py Diff Switch to side-by-side view
ForgeDiscussion/forgediscussion/model/forum.py Diff Switch to side-by-side view