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  • Committed [r750]

    Fix for RasmusDSP to work with Java 7 update 55

  • Committed [r749]

    Workaround for Java 7 update 55 where RasmusDSP...

  • Committed [r3116]

    Organisation level themes showed themes from al...

  • Committed [r3115]

    Added coordinates for PALESTINE

  • Posted a comment on ticket #50 on Frinika

    Have you tried clicking the exclamation mark button on the upper right? Doesn't this...

  • Committed [r3114]

    Fixed so that members can upload framework agre...

  • Committed [r3113]

    Taller frame for uploading files

  • Committed [r3112]

    Don't require all fields to be filled, just tha...

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