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  • Committed [r339]

    A few bugfixes, and added FullDebug build confi...

  • Modified ticket #774 on OpenDCL

    Scroll Wheel in Grids doesn't work

  • Posted a comment on ticket #774 on OpenDCL

    I could not reproduce this in Windows 7. It I do exactly as you describe, the grid...

  • Committed [r338]

    Corrected GstarCAD demand loading registry keys

  • Posted a comment on discussion Open Discussion on OpenDCL

    Alpha 13 addresses known problems in AutoCAD 2016, and also adds a small new feature...

  • Committed [r337]

    OpenDCL 8.0 Alpha 13

  • Modified ticket #773 on OpenDCL - hatch swatch unhandled exception

  • Posted a comment on ticket #773 on OpenDCL

    Thanks, this is now fixed for the next build.

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