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  • Committed [r201]

    Eliminated alloca() call that caused compatibil...

  • Committed [r200]

    Added support for WAV file 'fact' chunk

  • Committed [r199]

    Patch: Change in doc folder settings

  • Modified ticket #1 on SoundTouch

    memory corruption when using bpmdetect

  • Posted a comment on ticket #1 on SoundTouch

    Closed issue in old version, hope that it works now.

  • Modified ticket #3 on SoundTouch

    Can't compile in windows env - android

  • Posted a comment on ticket #3 on SoundTouch

    Hi Marco. Thanks for report. It's true that Android compilation doesn't work in latest...

  • Committed [r198]

    Fixed c++ function name mangling issue in Sound...

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