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[d887fc] (rel-3-3-2) by nyamatongwe nyamatongwe

Fix display of multi-byte Unicode character at line start.

2013-05-19 12:23:14 Tree
[b332a7] by nyamatongwe

The convertRectToScreen: message was introduced in 10.7 so use convertBaseToScreen:
call on 10.6. convertBaseToScreen: was deprecated in 10.7.

2013-05-19 11:28:06 Tree
[3eca57] by nyamatongwe

Don't dereference character string when length is 0. May be a NULL pointer
and cause a crash and shouldn't read beyond length anyway.

2013-05-19 11:25:29 Tree
[e5cb15] by kudah kudah

Fix import list folding in fully indented modules

2013-05-18 12:31:53 Tree
[ea76c3] by nyamatongwe

Fix fold all to show lines instead of going past end which then failed.

2013-05-17 03:21:38 Tree
[5d9dc3] by nyamatongwe

Added SciTECO.

2013-05-16 02:59:17 Tree
[e28099] by nyamatongwe

Updates for 3.3.2.

2013-05-16 01:26:05 Tree
[1cb03b] by nyamatongwe

Updates for 3.3.2.

2013-05-16 01:21:52 Tree
[2d0eb4] by nyamatongwe

Change log.

2013-05-16 00:01:18 Tree
[b2799e] by kudah kudah

get rid of msvc warning

2013-05-13 19:43:50 Tree
[23e44c] by kudah kudah

* Literate Haskell support
* CPP highlighting is disableable
* CPP is now correctly colored when inside comments and strings
* Some bugs with incremental lexing fixed
* Indented imports folding is now undisableable

2013-05-09 20:10:04 Tree
[391064] by kudah kudah

Fixed a bug when --:> was highlighted as a constructor
Fixed a bug when X wasn't highlighted as a module in import {-# SOURCE #-} X
Fixed a bug when preprocessor directives could mess up context keywords

2013-05-08 11:35:55 Tree
[61c1b3] by nyamatongwe

Feature: [feature-requests:#990]. Fix for #define foo /**/
From Alpha.

2013-05-15 23:37:39 Tree
[69373c] by nyamatongwe

Builds again with some older versions of Visual C++.

2013-05-15 03:06:11 Tree
[9f8ac1] by nyamatongwe

Feature: [feature-requests:#990]. Style added for preprocessor doc comment.
From Alpha.

2013-05-15 00:24:08 Tree
[b963f0] by nyamatongwe

Handle most stringresult methods generically.
Make compatible with PyPy.

2013-05-10 06:12:30 Tree
[1d988d] by nyamatongwe

Hide implementation of WordList.

2013-05-08 08:50:12 Tree
[84a397] by nyamatongwe

Avoid warning.

2013-05-08 04:08:18 Tree
[7c8dc4] by nyamatongwe

Partial fix for compiling Direct2D code with MinGW-w64.
Also needs changes to GUID code and the pixel format in InitPixMap but the
correct code for those issues is less certain.

2013-05-08 01:47:27 Tree
[c5a063] by nyamatongwe

Simplified code and avoid warning.

2013-05-07 11:49:37 Tree
[9c9768] by nyamatongwe

Remove variable that was not used to reduce warnings.

2013-05-07 10:50:00 Tree
[d39434] by nyamatongwe

Replace with &X[0] to allow building with old releases of Visual C++.

2013-05-07 09:54:09 Tree
[e25d77] by kudah kudah

* Allow arbitrary amount of # suffixes in identifiers with lexer.haskell.allow.hash
* Allow only one dot in base 10 numeric literals
* Comments are now treated as whitespace by the folder
* Fixed inconsistent folding at end of the file

2013-05-04 01:56:46 Tree
[5530fc] by nyamatongwe

Change log addition.

2013-05-06 05:54:47 Tree
[fb1c79] by Neil Hodgson Neil Hodgson

Bug: [#1448]. Detect QT 5.x and add widgets to QT to allow building.

2013-05-06 05:41:11 Tree
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