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  • Posted a comment on discussion Help on DVDStyler

    Hi Pavel, the problem is that usually you don't have video in MPEG format. And e.g....

  • Posted a comment on discussion Help on DVDStyler

    It's recommended to use bitrate 4 - 5 Mb/s for MPEG (DVD). You cannot compare it...

  • Modified ticket #514 on DVDStyler

    [DVDStyler-2.4.1-MacOSX] Permission denied on /entry001.vob while transcoding from command line

  • Modified ticket #75 on DVDStyler

    spumux: assertion "dc!=-1" failed: file "subgen-image.c"

  • Modified ticket #179 on DVDStyler

    Crash when trying to "Burn"

  • Modified ticket #84 on DVDStyler

    Text objects too tall if there's a space in them. (1.5b4)

  • Modified ticket #252 on DVDStyler

    crash with SIGSEGV in FT_Done_Glyph() with bad font

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