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  • Committed [r52372]

    [FIX] Wrong file paths in dependency injection,...

  • Committed [r52371]

    [MOD] Switch from using Flash player to HTML 5 ...

  • Committed [r52340]

    [FIX] Workaround ckeditor and datepicker proble...

  • Committed [r52303]

    [FIX] Fix in BS 3.2 when modal is closed the re...

  • Committed [r52302]

    [FIX] regarding r52293, slightly better fix.

  • Committed [r52301]

    [FIX] If there are 2 popups after the other (as...

  • Committed [r52296]

    [ENH] More improvements to bootstrapping the va...

  • Committed [r52295]

    [ENH] Regarding r52294, probably does not make ...

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