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  • Committed [16b89f]

    Simplified ChromaTOF importer and parser APIs. ...

  • Committed [15f80e]

    Added additional test file for unmapped columns.

  • Committed [dc4c0d]

    Changed behaviour of ChromaTOFParser to warn ab...

  • Committed [377788]

    Configuration is now also printed, if no additi...

  • Committed [ee157f]

    Changed Pipelines using BiPACE2D to use ArrayWe...

  • Committed [e18045]

    Updated tests. Fixed a peak initialization bug ...

  • Committed [66359e]

    Added site for jmzML OSGI.

  • Committed [6773d0]

    Fixed resource access problem in test case.

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2009-01-22 15:56:42


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