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  • Created ticket #4556 on Fink

    Update gettext to

  • Modified ticket #4552 on Fink

    jed-0.99-19-1 NFC modifications to avoid X11 convenience symlinks

  • Posted a comment on ticket #4552 on Fink

    Fixed X11 detection and fixed general dependency issues

  • Modified ticket #4531 on Fink

    djview-4.9-4 to switch build to openssl100-dev like qt4-base-x11-4.7.3-39

  • Modified ticket #4541 on Fink


  • Posted a comment on ticket #4541 on Fink

    Added to 10.7 tree.

  • Posted a comment on ticket #4496 on Fink

    I added pluggy-py27/34 to the 10.7 tree a couple days ago trying to see if duplicity...

  • Modified ticket #4533 on Fink

    libavcodec56-2.4-shlibs-2.7-1 void X11 convenience symlinks and switch to openssl100-dev

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