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  • Posted a comment on ticket #182 on tmux

    It only recreates the socket, if the parent directory doesn't exist then creating...

  • Committed [7536d6]

    Explicitly look for cpp and egrep to avoid AC_E...

  • Created ticket #9812 on Forge

    emails replying to tickets are bouncing

  • Posted a comment on ticket #8886 on Forge

    It isn't my email address that is bouncing, it is ticket email addresses like 162@tickets.tmux.p.re.sf.net....

  • Posted a comment on ticket #8886 on Forge

    What has this preference got to do with it? It's not MY email address, it is ticket...

  • Committed [99aa22]

    Support STARTTLS on IMAP and POP3, from Markus ...

  • Committed [04ed32]

    Add an option to make fdm wait for the global l...

  • Committed [fe1aa9]

    Merge branch 'tmp'

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