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    Remove unused code that was used to initiate sc...

  • Committed [759183]

    Replace liturgical calendars temporarily removed.

  • Committed [29adfb]

    Rewrite the scheme definition routines using th...

  • Committed [7560d7]

    Remove obsolete and commented out code from cal...

  • Committed [e91f99]

    Rewrite the grammar definition routine using th...

  • Committed [753fc1]

    Rewrite the vocab definition routine using the ...

  • Committed [fa4c89]

    Temporarily remove test/scripts/test/write021.h...

  • Committed [4d076a]

    In script, add the cast "mask" to convert a str...

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2006-11-08 12:24:31
Britain (UK) / BST


  • Project Logo Data Cards A simple database program inspired by index cards. Last Updated:
  • Project Logo HistoryCal A calculator to work with historical dates and calendars. Last Updated:
  • Project Logo HistoryLoc HistoryLoc is a practical system to track place names over time. Last Updated:
  • Project Logo Programmable Calendric Calculator Convert between calendars and work with date ranges. Last Updated:
  • Project Logo The Family Pack TFP is a multi-platform, evidence based, genealogy program. Last Updated:


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