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  • Committed [ae7e10]

    If scheme does not have a grammar, create one a...

  • Committed [ab3b0e]

    No change, factorise Base class code.

  • Committed [bc246f]

    Changes to format to allow alternative separato...

  • Committed [c4094f]

    Update unit and soak tests to cover problems hi...

  • Committed [r580]

    Change to build system for wxWidgets v3.1.0

  • Committed [9cf4d5]

    The default script now creates a Grammar for th...

  • Committed [a41ced]

    Refactor format class to improve readability an...

  • Committed [c7819a]

    Update default scripts to improve readability.

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2006-11-08 12:24:31
Britain (UK) / BST


  • Project Logo Data Cards A simple database program inspired by index cards. Last Updated:
  • Project Logo HistoryCal A calculator to work with historical dates and calendars. Last Updated:
  • Project Logo HistoryLoc HistoryLoc is a practical system to track place names over time. Last Updated:
  • Project Logo Programmable Calendric Calculator Convert between calendars and work with date ranges. Last Updated:
  • Project Logo The Family Pack TFP is a multi-platform, evidence based, genealogy program. Last Updated:


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