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  • Committed [9f6417]

    When creating string output of dates, allow for...

  • Committed [94a021]

    In the script language, the "str" cast can now ...

  • Committed [844817]

    Fix Base class get_fieldname member bug.

  • Committed [f891f7]

    Update the today-is.hcs script to use new str c...

  • Committed [08d085]

    Add private method do_clear() to Script class

  • Committed [d3232f]

    Add script "clear" statement to remove all exis...

  • Committed [e9e5f7]

    In script let statement, allow let to be omitte...

  • Committed [9ffabf]

    Add the combined assignment operators to script...

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2006-11-08 12:24:31
Britain (UK) / BST


  • Project Logo Data Cards A simple database program inspired by index cards. Last Updated:
  • Project Logo HistoryCal A calculator to work with historical dates and calendars. Last Updated:
  • Project Logo HistoryLoc HistoryLoc is a practical system to track place names over time. Last Updated:
  • Project Logo Programmable Calendric Calculator Convert between calendars and work with date ranges. Last Updated:
  • Project Logo The Family Pack TFP is a multi-platform, evidence based, genealogy program. Last Updated:


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