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  • Committed [dbc93e]

    Add Extended Field settings for French class.

  • Committed [7bb878]

    Add field name to Vocab. Use this to set extend...

  • Committed [0175be]

    Add webpages for French Republican, Hebrew and ...

  • Committed [f6a14b]

    Add missing project files for Visual Studio vc9.

  • Committed [4e8006]

    Move extended field wday code from Base class t...

  • Committed [dd5b6e]

    Add extended fields to the French Republican sc...

  • Committed [d591b6]

    Add example script that displays todays date in...

  • Committed [d63027]

    Add Hebrew base calendar scheme to library.

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2006-11-08 12:24:31
Britain (UK) / GMT


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